Chickasha Planning Commission discuss medical marijuana dispensary ordinances

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May 12—A new medical marijuana dispensary may replace the old car wash adjacent to Southland Shopping Center.

The address—420 W. Grand Ave—and the proximity to Taco Mayo make this location especially advantageous.

Like many cities in Oklahoma, the medical marijuana business is booming in Chickasha.

Right now, there are 25 different businesses operating with medical marijuana within the city, according to Rachel Bernish, Community Development Director.

Some of these businesses have multiple licenses—for growing, processing, dispensary. While this number changes frequently, there are currently 33 licenses, Bernish said.

On Tuesday, the Chickasha Planning Commission discussed potential ordinance changes for medical marijuana dispensaries and commercial growers.

The draft will go before the Chickasha City Council for approval at the regular council meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 17.

A few of the proposed, updated ordinances may include requiring applicants to be present during inspection. Moreover, dispensaries may only be located in C-2 General Commercial Districts, unless the applicant has obtained a use on review permit.

Permits will be considered on a case by case basis, and at the discretion of the Community Development Director.

Commercial growers, processors, transporters and researchers may only be located in I-1 Light Industrial and I-2 Heavy Industrial Districts. This ordinance was updated to include "transporters" in the ordinance language.

No consumption of medical marijuana, medical marijuana products or alcohol will be allowed on the property. For example, smoking lounges would not be permitted.

Medical marijuana retailer establishments must musta also collect all applicable sales tax on all sales.

If approved, these updates to the city ordinances may be revisited by the Chickasha Planning Commission at a later date.

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