Chief Intelligence Directorate names details of commanders whose soldiers are firing cruise missiles at Ukrainians

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The Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate has named the commanders of several of the Russian occupiers’ military units whose servicemen have launched missile strikes from Tu-22M3 and Tu-160 aircraft using X-22, x-555 and X-101 cruise missiles at cities and civilians in Ukraine.

Source: Chief Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine

Details: According to military intelligence, the pilots themselves already understand that they will be held responsible for war crimes as perpetrators, so they are trying to destroy evidence of their involvement in the killing of civilians.

For example, according to the Chief Intelligence Directorate, members of the occupying forces who are part of the Aerospace Forces of the terrorist country are bribing and trying to pay bribes to remove information about themselves from combat orders and directives.

It has been reported that Russian personnel from the following units are involved in launching missile strikes from Tu-22M3 and Tu-160 aircraft using X-22, X-555 and X-101 cruise missiles on cities and civilians of Ukraine:

22nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Division (military unit 06987, Engels)

  • Commander: Guards Colonel Nikolai Varpakhovich;

121 Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (military unit 85924, Engels)

  • Commander: Guards Colonel Oleg Skitskyi;

  • Assistant navigator of the Tu-160 air squadron: Captain Sergei Sokolov;

  • Assistant commander of the ship's TU-160 air squadron: Senior Lieutenant Stanislav Budko;

52 Heavy Bomber Air Regiment (military unit 33310, Shaikovka)

  • Deputy Regiment commander for Military and Political Work: Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Subbotin.

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