Chiefs add familiar face to practice squad

Reacting to the Chiefs' big day on the ground in Buffalo, even before Le'Veon Bell's first snap with Kansas City.

Video Transcript

PETER KING: I think Andy Reid has tried to build teams over the years, where when he has to do either, he can. And in this game in Buffalo, he said, why should we go away from the run when every time I hand it to Clyde Edwards-Helaire, he's gaining seven yards? Why do that?

And by the way, did Clyde Edwards-Helaire look like he woke up Monday morning in the hotel in Buffalo, looked in the mirror and said, I'll show them? I'll show Le'Veon Bell who should be still touching the ball 20 times a game, even though he shows up. This is not-- this is not 2017, Le'Veon. That's what it seems like Clyde Edwards-Helaire was saying on Monday night with that performance.

MIKE FLORIO: Excellent observation. Yeah, nothing like the looming arrival of Le'Veon Bell to get more out of the rookie who had leveled off, to say the least, after that week one performance. He ends up having the best game of his young career. And Le'Veon Bell is coming to give him some rest, so they don't have to lean too hard on Edwards-Helaire.

Same skill set, different body, a lot larger. And we'll see what he has left in the tank. You know, they got LeSean McCoy last year, and they weren't happy with him by the end of the year. He was inactive for all the big games. So if Le'Veon Bell doesn't really fit, if he's not getting it done, if he doesn't live up to the level they want, we won't see much Le'Veon Bell. It's all up to him.

But he will play this coming weekend when they play those Denver Broncos. And, you know, Peter, I like the fact that they've learned to be patient. For Andy Reid, even when he's had the team that could run the ball when he needed to, he still didn't want to run the ball. He would stray away from it. And Patrick Mahomes has had to learn to be patient.

And, you know, he explained after the game he had some RPOs where he just kept handing the ball off, and I'm sure he was confident, if I keep the ball and throw it, I'll be fine. But to get him to buy into it as well, I think, is part of it because he's got to have that utmost confidence that he can always find a way to move the chains with his legs or his arm. So I think it was a great development for a Chiefs team that needed to get resettled after losing to the Raiders.

And now they are. The challenge for them always seems to be, though, Peter, against the teams that don't get their full focus. Can they be as dialed in as they were last night against the Bills and three weeks ago against the Ravens?

PETER KING: I started thinking when I saw them trade for Le'Veon Bell, Mike, I started thinking back to opening day, 2017, when Kareem Hunt, in his first NFL game, demolished the New England Patriots, including on that one pass play out of the backfield I think against Dont'a Hightower. You know, the 70-something yard touchdown. And that is Andy Reid.

He wants the guys in his backfield to be able to be proficient explosive receivers. Now, I don't know that I'd call Le'Veon Bell's speed explosive because it isn't. But I think he's a crafty runner, and I think he's a good add to that team right now. And as far as what the Chiefs have left, I think this game in Denver is going to be a very interesting test for them. Because Denver built its team to try to be like Kansas City. We'll see if they can be.