Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes explains why he attends KC area high school football games

Rich Sugg/

The Blue Valley West High School football team rolled to a 42-7 win over Blue Valley Southwest on Friday night, and some high-profile fans were on hand.

Sitting in a mesh chair with other spectators on the sidelines were Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and KC Current Founder Brittany Matthews.

A Twitter user shared a photo of the couple at the game.

During his weekly visit with Carrington Harrison on KCSP (610 AM), Mahomes was asked about attending high school football games.

Mahomes, the 27-year-old multimillionaire, explained that he attends Kansas City area high school games to support his coaches and others in the Chiefs organization.

That includes Ted Crews, the Chiefs’ executive vice president of communications, and senior offensive assistant/quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy.

“I got to go to Ted’s son’s high school football game a couple weeks back,” Mahomes said. “I know you know Ted, he is our PR guy. His son, I’ve been here for six years now so I’ve seen him grow up and he’s starting in varsity so I went and watched him play.

“And then this last Friday I went and watched Nagy’s sons. One of them is the starting quarterback, one is the starting corner. So I had the free weekend. Luckily enough for me, Brittany loves sports as much as I do. So a couple of the guys, we went out there and got to watch some high school football.”

Nagy’s son Brayden is a senior and Blue Valley West’s quarterback, while Tate is a sophomore. Crews’ son, Tesdell, plays for Christ Prep.

Mahomes, who now established as an NFL star, was asked what he missed more: college football Saturdays or Friday night football under the lights.

“Definitely high school football man. I miss those days. I still have a lot of the same friends that I played with,” Mahomes said. “Those are the kids you grow up with. Texas is all public schools and whatever area you grow up is a high school football team you’re going to play in, and play for, and it’s all about pride of your city and I missed those days of being able to go on Friday nights and play.”