Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes opens up on how his life has changed as a new father

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Pete Grathoff
·2 min read
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes hasn’t traveled as much as he normally would have this offseason while recovering from surgery to repair a turf-toe injury.

Mahomes is not exactly unhappy about that, because it’s meant more time with his daughter Sterling Skye, who was born in February.

“It’s been a lot of rehabbing, pretty much every single day rehabbing,” Mahomes said Monday in a call with reporters. “I got to go to The Masters, which was kind of the only break I’ve really had from being up here Kansas City rehabbing. But just trying to make myself available for the team as quickly as possible.

“And then obviously becoming a dad. I’ve had to learn a lot there, probably more than I’ve learned in my entire life til now about how to take care of a baby and raise a little baby girl and try to give her the best opportunity and the best life as possible.”

Wanting to care for his daughter is why Mahomes didn’t hesitate to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

But Mahomes didn’t say everyone has to follow his example.

“To me, it was more of a personal decision with having the baby girl and knowing that I was going to be around people,” Mahomes said. “I wanted to make sure I could do whatever I could to help keep her healthy.

“But I think it’s a personal decision for everybody. I mean whatever you believe, I think you think you can do whatever that is. And we’ll figure out the best way to keep each other healthy by social distancing and doing whatever it is, whenever we can, in this building.”

Mahomes also was asked about how things have changed with a baby in his life. He named two hobbies that he has curtailed.

And Mahomes made a point of saying what a great job his fiancee, Brittany Matthews, is doing as a new mom.

“Definitely not as much golf. Golf time has cut down significantly and video games,” Mahomes said. “But I still am able to get out there every once in a while. Brittany’s a champ she’s kind of doing it all. I’m just kind of like the cheerleader on the sideline just asking her what I need to do.

“But I mean it’s a special thing. You want to be around her as much as possible. We still take trips here and there but we’re able to take her with us, luckily enough, and be able to spend time with her as much as we can.”