Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes is primed for a fire season | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In this edition of the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski explain why the Kansas City quarterback is the best player in football right now.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: You know, I said that there's a chance, that, like old Patrick Mahomes just comes out here and has, like, a fire season where he just goes nuclear because Tyreek Hill's had all these press clippings, stuff like that. 44 for the Chiefs, 21 for the Cardinals. And really Mahomes was on this thing right from the jump.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Lamar Jackson wins the MVP a few years ago, and it's like, oh, maybe he's the best quarterback in football. No, maybe it's Justin Herbert. No, maybe it's Kyler Murray. Oh, Aaron Rodgers won two MVPs in a row. Tom Brady's still doing his thing.

Stop it. If they've redrafted everybody, the best player in football is Patrick Mahomes. Arizona's defense is a mess, and I don't think Kliff Kingsbury is the long-term solution in Arizona. Isn't it crazy to think they were the last undefeated team in football last year, and they look-- they just got their doors blown off? And Mahomes is doing it with a bunch of new guys, right?

I mean, almost his entire receiver room is new to him. And they-- he threw to backs, he threw to tight ends, he threw to guys he's only thrown a handful of reps to before. And it's just fun. When he's in sync and Andy Reid's in sync, they just feel unstoppable. I mean, they scored 44, Matt. It felt like they could have had 60 if they really wanted it.

MATT HARMON: [LAUGHS] I'm with you on everything you just said, especially the part about, like-- Charles McDonald, who's a great football writer, great football analyst, he's, like, gone on this bit now about like how Patrick Mahomes is the most underrated player in the NFL because, like, he was 8 on the NFL's top 100 list, all that type of stuff.

And I had a buddy in a group chat today point out that Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett on NBC are like, oh, man, I've never seen a young quarterback do as much as Justin Herbert has done at this early stage in his career. And literally the next highlight package is Patrick [BLEEP] Mahomes. Like, it's just-- it's crazy that we forget, in some way, how good this guy is.