Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes secretly visited Kansas City’s first Whataburger restaurant

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Ahead of Super Bowl LIV, an urban myth was born in Kansas City.

Chances are you’ve heard the story, but here’s a short recap: quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée, Brittany Matthews, once dined at a pizza restaurant. No one in the establishment stopped by their table, and while leaving they showed their gratitude for being left alone by buying dinner for everyone in the restaurant.

Truth be told, Mahomes knows he would be inundated with requests for photos and/autographs if he stopped to eat at most restaurants. It’s why Postmates has a bevy of information on Mahomes’ eating habits.

But during the Chiefs bye week, Mahomes did stop at his favorite fast-food spot, Whataburger, which last month opened its first restaurant in the Kansas City area. But it’s doubtful anyone eating at Whataburger at the time knew about it.

Mahomes revealed that Monday during his weekly interview on KCSP (610 AM). Mahomes was asked about the success of Whataburger in Lee’s Summit, which had 1,500 patrons on its first day.

“I think they definitely wanted to get out there and try it out. I mean there’s so much hype coming into it and I’m excited for it and I’m glad to have it,” Mahomes said.

“I’ve made my way over there very secretively and gotten a few things here and there, especially during that bye week. But it’s definitely something I’m glad to see Kansas City, embrace it just like we do down in Texas.”

A Whataburger in Independence opened Monday, also to long lines.

Mahomes isn’t just a fan of Whataburger, he’s part of a franchisee group, KMO Burger, which broke ground Thursday in Kansas City, Kansas, on its first location for the fast-food restaurant.

KMO Burger plans 30 Whataburger locations from St. Joseph to Wichita in the coming years.

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