Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and his daughter, Sterling, star in a new commercial

This may seem odd, but here’s hoping there is a longer version of one particular new commercial.

This ad stars Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his 1-year-old daughter, Sterling. The commercial is full of cute clips of Mahomes and Sterling.

Mahomes also reads a special message to Sterling, but it doubles as a missive to anyone who might be buying Oakley sunglasses, which has a tag line of “Be Who You Are.”

This is what Mahomes says in the commercial, which was released this month:

“To my No. 1 pick:

“Welcome to life, you’re already perfect and here’s some advice: Stay focused, stay hungry, be loyal and lead. When the team feels like family that’s all that you’ll need. There’s only one you. You’ll shine bright as a star. Just lead with your heart and be who you are.”

Here is a look at the adorable commercial, which frankly could have been longer.

One thing seems certain: this is Brittany Mahomes’ new favorite commercial.