Chiefs’ Travis Kelce trolls his brother, Jason, in new Campbell’s Soup commercial

The Kelce brothers star in a new commercial for Campbell’s soup. (Screengrab of Travis Kelce Instagram video)

There will be at least a few Chiefs fans who would love to have this particular ringtone, even if it’s not real.

It can be heard in a new Campbell’s Soup commercial starring Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his brother/podcast co-host, Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The spot opens with the boys sitting at a kitchen counter when Travis’ phone buzzes. The ring tone is a voice saying: “Ch-ch-champion! Travis Kelce is a champion! Twice!”

Jason is not pleased, of course, because his Eagles lost to Travis and the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

The brothers’ mom, Donna, then walks into frame carrying a bowl of soup and places it in front of Jason. She says: “Travis, zip it!”

Donna then tells Jason: “It’s your year, big guy. Let’s get you ready.”

Donna was wearing her half-Chiefs, half-Eagles jersey in the spot, and here’s guessing the family loved shooting the commercial.