Child among injured after dog attack in backyard of NJ home

A dog attack left a child and possibly others critically injured in New Jersey.

Video Transcript

- --are gonna begin tonight with some breaking news. And a child has been attacked by a dog in Carteret, New Jersey. Shannon Stone is live over the scene in News Copter 7 with the very latest. Shannon.

SHANNON STONE: Yeah. Police have just left this residential house, 49 East Laurel Street, after an ongoing investigation. And we are learning new things now. But it appears that this dog attack happened in the backyard. We've got some video that we can show you from just a few minutes ago when police were collecting evidence in that backyard.

Eyewitnesses did tell us-- sources told us that there was a dog attack in this area and that a young child was involved. The mayor just tweeted out that two victims had to be airlifted to an area hospital with serious injuries. So the circumstances surrounding this are still in question. Was this a family pet? Was this a stray dog? Nobody knows at the current moment. But two people are now in critical condition after a dog attack here in Carteret.