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Child In 'Grave' Condition After Being Shot On Lake Shore Drive Downtown

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The 2-year-old boy was shot during a road rage incident between two drivers, police say. CBS 2's Chris Tye reports.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: Good afternoon. I'm Irika Sargent.

BRAD EDWARDS: And I'm Brad Edwards. Right to breaking news. A shooting on Lake Shore Drive near Grant Park leaves a one-year-old shot in the head.

IRIKA SARGENT: CBS 2's Chris Tye is live at Lurie Children's Hospital with how a Good Samaritan driving by may have helped save a life. Chris.

CHRIS TYE: Brad, Irika, within the last half hour, doctors here at Lurie came out to describe how rare this situation is, and the grave condition this one-year-old is in. They tell us bullet fragment has actually made it to his brain. They are working on multiple surgeries as we speak. He was a passenger in a car during a gunfire incident this midday on northbound Lake Shore Drive near Roosevelt Road.

- A young child shot once in the temple and once in the jaw.

CHRIS TYE: For two hours, Lake Shore Drive shut down after what police are calling a midday road rage case. Possibly one driver not allowing another into their lane.

- She was saying her baby had been shot.

CHRIS TYE: Police say shots flew for two blocks between 900 and 1100 South Lake Shore Drive. The white sedan carrying the child, marked now with bullet damage, crashed here on Lake Shore and Monroe. The child remains in critical condition. This is where a Good Samaritan, we are told, picked up the mother and child, taking them to the hospital. Police still looking for the shooter or shooters. They do say a weapon was found inside that white car, unclear what role it may have played.

- Unbelievable. It's innocent people. Innocent people are just going about their day, and something like this happens.

CHRIS TYE: As we mentioned, the boy's doctor speaking to the media just a few minutes ago. I want you to hear a little bit of this. He talked about the number of surgeries and treatments going on, that he is on a ventilator, and really keyed in on that Good Samaritan who was at the right place at the right time, and really activated himself to get that boy and his mom here. Let's listen.

MARCELO MALAKOOTI: Luckily, with traffic patterns and such, if a Good Samaritan is bringing them and can get them to the hospital quickly, with any type of head injury, time is certainly of the essence.

CHRIS TYE: There are a lot of moving parts on this story. Also late today, community activist Jamal Green issuing a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. And speaking of which, there apparently is a suspect in this case. Within the last 90 minutes, Mayor Lori Lightfoot saying she doesn't want to talk too much about it, but her sources with Chicago police saying that they do have a suspect, and a make and a model of a car that they are working on. As we get more on that, we'll pass it along. Live at Lurie Children's Hospital, Chris Tye, CBS 2 News.