Children in Syria hold their own World Cup

STORY: Children from refugee camps in Syria

are playing in a ‘World Cup’ of their own

Location: Idlib, Syria

Children were brought together

from across Syria for the event

by human rights group ‘Violet’

(Muhanad Hmeidi, Volunteer and trainer)

“This team is from Heesh (refugee camp) and we represent the Tunisia team. The children underwent training for more than six months. We want to show people that in spite of all the suffering and bad conditions in the camp, our children continue to play sports and study. We are sending a message to the world, that in spite of all the suffering, shelling and exile, we will live the moments and enjoy life, and will not give in to despair.”

The children were separated into 32 teams

each representing a country that is

playing in the actual World Cup in Qatar