China announces nationwide plans to modernize loos

China is about to launch a 'toilet revolution.'

In an effort to step up its tourism game, China has launched a ‘toilet revolution’ that will do away with traditional squat-style loos and see the installation of tens of thousands of sparkling new toilets around the country.

Over the next three years, China’s national tourism office said it will install 33,500 new loos at tourists sites across the country.

The government also plans to renovate 25,000 restrooms currently in operation, reported Chinese publication Xinhuanet.

By 2017, tourists can expect to do their business in modernized “three-star” bathrooms, says the tourism office.

Currently, traditional public restrooms across China are squat toilets -- or put simply, holes in the ground -- and BYOTP, 'Bring Your Own Toilet Paper.'

According to the World Toilet Summit, an international event committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide, clean restrooms are one of the keys to boosting tourism.

The 11th edition of the summit is taking place in New Delhi this week.

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