China would make a coronavirus vaccine a "global public product"

A "global public product" if it succeeds in developing a COVID-19 vaccine, and increased national cooperation.

These comments came from China's science and technology minister at a news briefing on Sunday (June 7) after Beijing released a white paper on fighting COVID-19:

"In the course of vaccine development and in the future, if the Chinese vaccine is successfully applied - we must strengthen international cooperation in both areas. Now we are actually strengthening international cooperation throughout the vaccine development process. Scientists in China and other countries are responding to the epidemic, and we can make joint contributions to humanity in the areas of hygiene and health. Everyone should boost cooperation."

China says it will continue to push for "fast-track" border entry arrangements with other countries.

It said it has fulfilled its responsibility as a big country through shipments of goods to help others fighting the pandemic.

The nation's propaganda vice head added that Chinese media has accurately reported China's fight against the illness and will not engage in a "coronavirus information war".

China has been criticized by a number of governments around the world including the United States over its transparency about the virus and its origin.