China to import video games, Tencent gets licenses

STORY: China granted publishing licenses to 45 foreign games on Wednesday (December 28).

It is the latest move to lift strict restrictions that have hit China's gaming industry over the last 18 months.

The country's video-games regulator included five titles due to be published by Tencent.

One of those was Pokemon Unite by Nintendo.

The regulator also approved 84 domestic games for the month of December.

That's according to a new list released Wednesday.

The licensing effectively marks the end of Beijing's crackdown on the video games industry.

It began in August last year when authorities suspended the game-approval process.

Unlike in most other countries, video games need approval from regulators before they can be released in China - which is the world's largest gaming market.

Beijing's crackdown on the industry has hurt Chinese tech companies like Tencent.

The firms get large revenues from publishing both self-developed and imported games.