China state TV shows life inside Wuhan hospital

To stave off boredom and engage the patients in light exercises, a health worker from Xinjiang, Ipare Ehmet started teaching them simple moves from an ethnic dance.

The number of reported new cases of coronavirus in China's Hubei province rose on Monday (February 17) after two days of falls, as authorities imposed tough new restrictions on movement to prevent the spread of the disease which has now killed more than 1,700 people.

In Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak, health officials reported 1,933 new cases and 100 new deaths on Feb. 16, the lowest daily death count since Feb. 11. The number of new cases rose nearly 5% from the previous day, but the number of deaths fell from 139.

Patients at the makeshift hospital in Wuhan spend most of their time resting and said they were confident of recovery.