China's Didi raises top price in U.S. IPO -sources

Chinese ride sharing giant Didi Global raised $4 billion in it's listing on Wall Street Tuesday, paving the way to begin trading on Wednesday.

According to sources, Didi's debut is now set to be the largest by a Chinese company since Alibaba in 2014.

They say shares will be priced at $14, near the top of its indicated range, with more than 280 million shares on offer coming in at a huge valuation of more than $70 billion dollars.

Didi did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Reuters previously reported the company aimed for $100 billion, but the size of the deal was cut ahead of its U.S. market launch.

One analyst told Reuters investors may be worried about China’s potential anti-trust related crackdown and more generally, this year's volatile global market.

Didi was created in 2012 and successfully pushed Uber out of the Chinese market.

The U.S. company lost a price war with Didi and ended up selling its Chinese operations to Didi for a stake.

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