China's EV maker Byton debuts at Frankfurt Car Show

The M-Byte from Byton.

China's new offering is joining a strong international cast of electric and hybrids on the stages of this year's Frankfurt Car Show.

From Japan: the Honda CR-V Hybrid.

The U.S.: Ford Explorer Plug-In.

And - like the M-Byte, also from China - the Hongqi electric concept.

When exhibitor numbers have been going down, China's presence in Frankfurt is on the up.

Seventy-nine suppliers and carmakers make it the biggest foreign contingent this year.

As for the M-Byte, it's had expressions of interest from 20,000 customers at shows across Europe, says designer Benoit Jacob.


"It is quite special to really bring a concept into reality. And moreover this is especially the interior that is really a game changer. We propose a 48 inch display which will basically revolutionize the way you travel and commute."

Stringent new emission rules in Europe make China's strong position in EV technologies that bit more attractive.

In the wake of Dieselgate, German firms have been striking major deals with Chinese suppliers.

But this is a two-way street.

Carmakers in China - as it winces from its trade war with the US - are looking at Europe with more interest.

Sales back home fell for a 14th consecutive month in August, according to data on Wednesday.

EV sales were close to 16% lower than a year ago.

Byton plans to export cars to Europe from its factory in Nanjing in 2021.

The price range: expected to start at around $45,000.

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