China's Military Parade Proves That Beijing Is Ready To Fight America

Bradley Bowman, Andrew Gabel
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    "Fight", articles like this present modern war as if it were a fight between 12 yr. olds in the school yard. This is the time of nuclear weapons, myriad types of delivery vehicles. If the big kids start fighting there will be no such thing as a beautiful little war.
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    The National Interest, are you fine?
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    Chinese Military brought to you by Harbour Freight
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    There will be no fight!!!
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    Building and functionality are two different things. China knows that, so does the US and rest of the world.
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    "China's Military Parade Proves That Beijing Is Ready To Fight America"

    Such a odd mentality when America is it's consumer base.
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    Texas Bluebonnet
    I studied abroad in China. They’re not ready to fight the USA. Not even close.
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    what are we fighting over...???...How about we always pursue the peaceful ends to any disagreements when possible...
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    John Van eepoel
    The only ones involved wanting to see a war is Yahoo 'the sky is falling' News.
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    G C
    Seems the media wants another cold war