Chinatown dance troupe member allegedly attacked on his way to opening night performance of play

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An Asian American dancer was allegedly attacked while he was on his way to perform at The Public Theater in New York City.

"His glasses were broken, his eye was bruised, and he was kicked multiple times," The Public Theater shared to their official Twitter account. “Because he couldn't see well, he couldn’t perform his role but insisted instead on playing one of the instruments, and the group insisted the performance go on as planned.”

The unidentified artist is a member of the Chinatown dance troupe Yip’s Dragon Style Kung Fu and Lion Dance, who were invited to perform at the opening night of the off-Broadway play “The Chinese Lady.”

He was attacked on Wednesday night near Seward Park on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, less than two weeks after Christina Yuna Lee was brutally murdered in her New York Chinatown apartment.

“This violence and the hatred that fuels it remain disgusting and heartbreaking and have created an environment full of fear where safety seems scarce for our Asian American neighbors,” Artistic Directors Ralph B. Pena and Oskar Eustis wrote in a joint statement shared to Twitter.

“We’re sending our love and support to the artist and to the Yip’s Dragon Style Kung Fu and Lion Dance team and their families, and to The Chinese Lady company, and we remind ourselves that what we say to each other, what we say about each other, how we show up for our Asian American neighbors, how we respond when they are scared or in danger, and how we show up as allies makes a difference,” they added. “Stop the hate. It has no place here.”

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