Chinese automakers Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto record major year-over-year delivery surges

Yahoo Finance Live anchors break down delivery numbers for Chinese automakers.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: Let's talk about some Chinese EV companies, because they are out with their number for-- numbers for deliveries in June. We're showing Tesla there as well. Although, Tesla, as we talked about earlier in the show, expected to come out with its full delivery numbers probably sometime this weekend.

And if you look at the numbers here for these different companies-- Xpeng deliveries in the month, just over 15,000 about 15,300, NIO almost 13,000, Li Auto about 13,000 as well. These deliveries have really been very volatile this year, more so than we typically see because of the factory shutdowns and just, you know, entire shutdowns that we've had going on in China.

BRAD SMITH: Yeah, and we're going to continue to see where some of those deliveries start to ramp back up once again and on the production side. I think it was interesting for the Xpeng side, recorded monthly deliveries in June of 15,295 of their smart EVs. That's 133% increase year over year. That is something to be praised.

However, you had another analyst call that you had put out there earlier today as well, Julie, which kind of counters some of what Xpeng is believing they're experiencing right now, at least in their overall demand. And so we'll see kind of which of those kind of counterbalancing of the press release that Xpeng put out there plus the coverage that is out there on Xpeng does on the day.

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, I'll just add if you're looking for any slight positive that Tesla will have something good to say when it eventually reports its September deliveries. Look at these Chinese EV results, they do signal that maybe Tesla also had some strength as well.