Chinese dad goes viral for wearing a skirt to teach his daughters how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions

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A Chinese father wearing a skirt while teaching his two daughters how to prevent their skirts from lifting when squatting has gone viral.

In a video posted to Douyin on May 30, the father, from Linyi in China’s Shandong province, is seen shirtless while wearing a long, pleated black skirt. He then instructs his two young daughters to fold the skirt inwards from both the left and right side while using one hand to protect “your buttocks” before squatting when picking something up.

The girls follow their father’s lead as they burst into a fit of non-stop giggles. At the end of the video, the father squats down with his legs open, jokingly telling the children not to “do it like your mother.”

The mother, surnamed Shi, posted another Douyin video two days later where the father explains that he wanted to teach the lesson to his daughters after seeing a female customer at work suffering from a skirt malfunction.

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“I realized that I needed to teach my two daughters to be aware of these things even at a young age,” the father said in the video.

Douyin users praised the father for his parenting while describing him as “qualified” and a “model dad.”

“Such a warm-hearted father,” one user said.

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“This dad is really attentive [even though] this is a small detail. They say that parents are teachers,” another user commented.

The viral video has garnered over 550,000 likes and 3,920 comments since being uploaded.


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