Chinese father-of-2 works 19-hour shifts to help 7 additional children from struggling families

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A Chinese father of two has worked two jobs to support seven additional children living in difficult circumstances since 2014.

Yang Jun, a 35-year-old man from Fuyang, Anhui Province, in eastern China, reportedly works as a decoration employee during the day and a chauffeur at night to fund seven children from struggling families. Yang typically works until between midnight to 3 a.m. and purportedly sleeps for less than five hours a day.

In a Weibo video posted on May 27 by Ray Video, Yang explained how he began supporting the first child in 2014 and funded two more children from two different families the same year.

“Some of the children’s parents have died, and some are paralyzed,” Yang says. “They’ve been through a lot in their lives and they require more attention.”

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Once a month, Yang stops by each household and provides the families with basic necessities such as rice, flour and cooking oil. He also purportedly sends greetings and gifts on each child’s birthday. All seven children are also sent to school with a new backpack and clothes at the beginning of each school year.

The 35-year-old expressed plans to continue supporting the children and stated that he is more than willing to have “bitterness in my own life so that the children will have a less difficult life in the future.”

In addition to the seven children and their families, Yang also supports his wife and two young children. Although his wife expresses relentless support for her husband’s good deeds, Yang explained that she occasionally tells him that “you treat other people’s children better than your own.”

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Yang originally dreamt of joining the army; however, a skin condition disqualified him from service. Motivated by his desire to help others, Yang decided to join Blue Sky Rescue, a local nonprofit organization in China that helps children in need.

The Weibo video has garnered 3.6 million views and 59,600 likes as of this writing.


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Image: Ray Video

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