Chinese father designs 'baby safety pod'

Inspired by the action game "Death Stranding", the special suit includes a sealed cabin, an air purifier system and a special entry with a glove that allows the father to nurse his baby at anytime without direct contact to the outside world.

"Because of the epidemic, I spent one month to make this baby safety pod for my kid. It can offer a totally isolated environment when going out. It can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby," said the 30-year-old father.

Modified from a cat carrier backpack, Cao has installed a monitor which displays the density of carbon dioxide to detect the air quality inside pod. Cao said this pod is not only useful for the epidemic, since by changing the filters, the safety pod can also be used for smoggy conditions.

The innovative father hopes to mass-produce his design after dozens of people offered to buy his device following a post on social media.