Chinese father makes 11-year-old daughter pick lotus roots in the heat to teach her value of education

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To show his 11-year-old daughter how forgoing a standard education could affect her future, a father from China’s Hubei Province forced the young girl to dig lotus roots for four hours in scorching weather.

The young girl’s father, surnamed Ye, explained that his daughter was acting out and showing disinterest in attending school.

“My daughter was going through a period of rebellion, and her teacher told me that she did not want to go to school anymore,” Ye told Chinese news outlet Yidian Zixun, as per South China Morning Post.

To teach his daughter the importance of receiving an education, Ye took the young girl to the lotus field where her grandfather works. He then forced her to dig lotus roots for four hours in scorching weather, resulting in sunburn and peeling skin. In a video posted to Weibo, Ye’s daughter can be seen crying and wiping her tears away using her shirt.

“Take off your shoes quickly and get into the water. If you do not want to go to school, you must surrender to the reality of life,” Ye tells her in the now-viral video.

Several Weibo users commented on Ye’s decision, with some saying it was a proper response to teach his daughter an “important life lesson.”

One user, who claims to be a teacher, wrote that the punishment was “a good idea.” She also said she now plans on showing the video to her students.

“When will you organize a field trip?” another user asked. “I must enroll for my kid to experience how difficult life is.”

Others, however, criticized Ye for going too far, calling his decision “harsh.” One user pointed out that receiving a standard education does not necessarily mean an individual can “escape a hard life.”

“It is a good idea that offers her the freedom of choice, but it is hazardous and the little girl had a bad sunburn,” another user wrote.

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