Chinese film and TVs going global with Viki

Video screenshot: Viki received a design overhaul in December 2015

Online streaming service Viki is rolling out its Chinese-language content to viewers areound the world.

The Singapore-based platform, which has become a popular destination for fans of South Korean, Chinese, and East Asian films, who can not only watch films and TV shows but work together to help translate them into 160 languages.

Korean and Taiwanese shows have proven especially popular worldwide, but Chinese shows like "Waking Love Up," "Love Me If You Dare" and "My Best Ex-Boyfriend" have also been made available, among the 60-plus Chinese titles provided to Viki's community of users.

Viki gained access to a Chinese audience in 2013 when giant social network Renren and search engine Baidu agreed to partner up, and now Chinese entertainment is travelling the other way.

Almost 350 shows from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be made available starting next week, with a particular eye on audiences in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil, Variety reports.

It follows two recent deals with Chinese production companies, Huana Baina Film & TV and Jetavana Entertainment, the latter of which is developing original series "Dramaworld" for distribution via Viki.