Chinese government reportedly orders 2 million BlackBerry Q10 smartphones

BlackBerry Q10

Now here’s something that would be an enormous boost for BlackBerry (BBRY) — the Chinese government has reportedly placed an order for 2 million of its upcoming BlackBerry Q10 smartphones. A poster at a Stockhouse message board has posted a supposed report from China Central Television (CCTV) claiming that the “Chinese Bureau of Economic and Cultural Development has signed an intent to purchase 2 million Blackberry Q10 handsets” that will be “distributed to the Faculties of Mobile Hacking and Cyber Warfare.” BlackBerry said in its latest earnings report that it sold around 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices in the Z10′s first quarter of availability, so a major buy from the Chinese government would represent an immediate two-fold increase in BlackBerry 10 sales, which would certainly bode well for overall BlackBerry 10 sales over the next few months.

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