Chinese man accused of stabbing Nigerian ex-girlfriend to death gets Chinese food in prison

Geng Quanrong, a Chinese man charged in Nigeria for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, will be served Chinese food in prison, authorities confirmed.

The textile businessman, 47, made headlines in the past week after being arrested for the crime, which occurred in the victim’s shared home in Janbulo quarters, Kano state, on Sept. 16.

Geng is accused of fatally stabbing his 22-year-old ex-lover, Ummukulsum “Ummita” Buhari, for allegedly breaking her promise to marry him even after he had spent so much money on her. Local reports say Buhari married another man who eventually divorced her.

Buhari’s mother, who witnessed the attack, claimed that Geng forced his way into their home and repeatedly stabbed her daughter. Geng reportedly confessed to the crime after his arrest.

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Under Nigerian law, an imprisoned foreigner must be fed with their native food. Musbahu Kofar-Nassarawa, spokesman for the Kano Correctional Center, confirmed that Geng will not be fed “gabza,” which refers to local food for prisoners.

“People are asking which type of food the suspect is going to be eating. He is going to be served Chinese food, that is what law provides,” Kofar-Nasarawa said.

Kano police charged Geng with culpable homicide last Wednesday, but his plea was not taken due to the court’s lack of jurisdiction in the case. As a result, he was ordered to remain in custody until Oct. 13 for arraignment before an appropriate court.

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It’s unclear whether Geng has been receiving help from the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria. Kofar-Nasarawa said the law allows foreign inmates to contact their country’s embassy for assistance.

Geng is expected to return to court on Oct. 13.


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