Chinese man arrested for gifting women make-up mirrors with built-in spycams

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A man in China has been arrested after a small vanity mirror he gifted to a female coworker was discovered to have a hidden spycam built into it.

The man, whose surname is Zhang, is the owner of an online hidden camera store, and has reportedly sold over 200 similar spycam devices as the one he had gifted.

The female coworker, surnamed Li, stated that Zhang had told her to keep the mirror on for 24 hours a day, otherwise the circuit board would catch on fire.

Li, who is also a livestreamer, thought this to be odd, but was not immediately alarmed.

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It was only when the man told her that another feature of the mirror was putting on makeup while naked, in a practice he described as “nude beauty,” that Li began to investigate.

A suspicious Li contacted the seller of the make-up mirror, who then told her to check for cameras. When she did, she found four high-definition pinhole cameras and five 32 GB memory cards inside.

“One of the recordings on a memory card was marked ‘2019’ so I realized I was probably not the first victim,” Li wrote in an open letter online.

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Li reported the case to the police immediately, who arrested Zhang.

He admitted to installing the cameras in the mirror, revealing that he had additional cameras in place at his ex-girlfriend’s home as well.

This is not the first spycam case to make headlines.

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In 2019, a man in southwest China was sentenced to three and a half years in jail for installing hidden cameras in a number of hotels and selling the recordings online.

In 2016, a man in southeast China was sentenced to five years after he threatened a former employee with footage of her in the shower taken by hidden cameras.

The recent story has raised further concern in China over the issue of hidden cameras, which have proven to be a widespread problem throughout other parts of Asia as well.

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