Chinese man spends $51,000 building a luxurious mansion with AC and swimming pool for his pet dogs

A dog lover in China invested 340,000 yuan (approximately $51,100) into building a luxurious estate for his pet dogs.

The 33-year-old crayfish businessman, surnamed Zhou, spent three years building the mansion in Xuyi county, Jiangsu Province, in eastern China. 

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The luxurious estate features numerous amenities, including air conditioning, a swimming pool, a television projector, a miniature ferris wheel, several amusement park rides, an elevator and a bathroom.

Zhou reportedly explained that building a luxurious dog mansion has always been his dream since he was a child. Rather than spending his money on clothes or expensive bags, he chose to spend it on his more than 10 pet dogs

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With 8.5 million followers on the Chinese TikTok-like platform Douyin, Zhou originally intended the doghouse to be simple and modest. His followers, however, pressured him to create a more elaborate design, prompting Zhou to make over 200 changes to his original plan.

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In 2019, Zhou uploaded a photo of a brick doghouse he created on Douyin in hopes of receiving compliments. Some users, however, criticized his design and threatened to give negative feedback. One user suggested that Zhou put couplets on the doghouse’s door frame, which the 33-year-old reportedly implemented immediately. 

When other users commented that the dogs looked bored, Zhou added rides such as slides and swings as well as a television projector. He also threw a pool party for his pet dogs where they dressed in bikinis and played in the swimming pool filled with foam. 

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Zhou spent around 228,000 yuan (about $34,266) at the end of 2021 and spent an additional 100,000 yuan ($15,029) at the beginning of this year when he added a 5,000-square-foot space of land near a lake to build an amusement park featuring a pool, mini roller coaster and mini train for his pet dogs.


Featured Image via Douyin