Chinese model Ming Xi shows off her 1-year-old daughter’s designer bag collection worth over $14,000

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Chinese model Ming Xi showcased her 1-year-old daughter’s collection of branded bags, including Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, in a video posted last month.

The video, uploaded to Xiaohongshu on July 10, shows Ming, 33, displaying the tiny bags one by one in front of the camera.

In the nearly six-minute video, Ming says she bought the bags for her 1-year-old daughter Romee so she could use them in the future.

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It's a really, really small bag and is super cute! I feel my daughter can use it in the future,” Ming says about the miniature Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy bag, which carries a price tag of 14,100 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $1,796). “It's very trendy to go retro nowadays, so I can buy a bigger Louis Vuitton Speedy and carry it together with her — I think that would be so cute!"

The other bags Ming showcases in the video include a Chanel handle bag with chain for 18,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $2,290), a Chanel bucket bag with chain priced at 31,800 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $4,050), a Dior Micro Lady bag at 29,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $3,690) and a Dior Micro Saddle bag for 21,600 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $2,750).

The total price of Ming’s daughter’s bag collection is worth a whopping $110,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $14,012).

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Explaining why she bought the bags now rather than later, Ming says, “I'm afraid that once the trend passes then they won't produce it anymore, so I thought, 'I'd better quickly buy them!'”

Some social media users were not impressed by the model’s show of wealth, which may have violated China’s new internet restriction banning celebrities from “showing off” their wealth and “extravagant pleasure” online.

Why should a mother's happiness be based on the pain of her child? Those chains are so heavy, children should feel comfortable … I'm so sorry for your child, she has become your dress-up doll,” one user complained.

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Some people are just born winners in life," another said.

While some were critical of Ming’s showcase of wealth, others voiced their support for the Chinese model, with one “neutral” user writing, “I think these comments are being too sour. She's just sharing, I don't know why there are so many comments about living standards. Their family is wealthy, but they don't make a show about it every day… don't be a keyboard warrior."

Married to 27-year-old Mario Ho, the son of the late Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, the couple announced the birth of their daughter on Weibo on Nov. 3.

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The Chinese model was also gifted a 500-million-Hong-Kong-dollar (approximately $63.6 million) mansion for giving birth to their son Ronaldo in 2019.


Featured Image via Xiaohongshu