Chinese students filmed shouting at Japanese student, blocking his presentation on Taiwan at a UK university

Chinese students at a university in England shouted obscenities at a student and blocked his PowerPoint presentation when a slide stated “Taiwan is a country.”

One of the Chinese students at the University of Southampton shared a clip of the incident to Weibo on Oct. 22.

According to the Weibo user, ​​who goes by the handle Gong Zheng Ah Gong Zheng, a Japanese student showed Taiwan’s flag in a PowerPoint slide that stated “Taiwan is a country” during a team presentation on Oct. 21.

In the video, the shadow of a student’s hand can be seen blocking the projector to cover the Taiwan flag. Chinese students can also be heard booing and shouting “Taiwan is a part of China.” The Weibo user bragged about his actions against the Japanese student.

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“China’s sovereignty will never be violated!” he reportedly wrote ion the caption of his post. “I will be proud of it for the rest of my life.”

In the video, two non-Chinese students can also be seen laughing at their Chinese classmates before the Chinese nationals demanded that the Japanese student change the presentation to the next slide.

The University of Southampton has not commented on the incident.

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Featured Image via Weibo

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