Chloë Grace Moretz calls for ‘compassion’ as she discusses viral Family Guy meme about her body

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Chloë Grace Moretz has once again spoken out about the viral 2016 Family Guy meme about her body.

Appearing at the red carpet premiere of The Peripheral on Tuesday (11 October), the 25-year-old actor said that seeing memes of herself online affected her body image.

“I think the big thing is that compassion is a really key thing in humanity and just being kind with the words that you say with one another, the things you say online,” Moretz told Entertainment Tonight.

She continued: “I think compassion is key and I hope that the world can have a little bit more of that.”

Moretz was referring to one particular picture from 2016, in which she was seen entering a hotel after picking up a pizza.

Many people compared the photo to a character in a season 10 episode of Family Guy titled “Amish Guy”.

The episode introduces a fictional character named Legs Go All The Way Up Griffin, who is the great-aunt of the main character Peter Griffin, who has exaggerated proportions, such as very long legs and a short torso.

People edited Moretz’s photo so that her midsection looked shorter and her legs looked longer and compared it to Legs Go All The Way Up Griffin.

 (Getty / YouTube)
(Getty / YouTube)

In another interview with Hunger last month, Moretz said: “I just remember sitting there and thinking, my body is being used as a joke and it’s something that I can’t change about who I am, and it is being posted all over Instagram.

“It was something so benign as walking into a hotel with leftovers.”

The actor added that many people dismissed her concerns about the meme, defending the joke as “funny”.

The Peripheral is released on Prime Video on 21 October.