Chloe From ‘The Circle’ Reveals Where She and Mitchell Stand After Their Friendship Turned Romantic

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

[There are spoilers ahead for the finale of season 2 of The Circle. If you haven’t watched the finale yet, come back to this interview later!]

Chloe Veitch went into this season of The Circle knowing she was the odd one out. When Netflix approached her with the opportunity, she didn’t even think about turning it down. But she was the only Brit on the otherwise all-American show, she’d been on another Netflix reality show before (Too Hot to Handle), and she couldn’t decide whether both of those things would put her at a disadvantage. She went into the game as herself and ended up charming her way to second place.

Cosmopolitan chatted with Chloe about her strategy going into the game, her shock at the Deleesa St. Agathe reveal, and what her relationship with Mitchell Eason is like now.

How do you think being on Too Hot to Handle prepped you for The Circle? They’re really different shows.

I think it gave me the confidence to be myself. The amazing response I got from my fans from Too Hot to Handle after watching it, it just made me just want to be myself even more. I didn’t hold back. I was 100 percent genuine. I was even burping on the show.

Your strategy seemed to be, initially, to flirt your way into alliances with guys, but you ended up most closely aligned with two gay men. Have you done any reflecting on that?

I don’t think I went in knowing that I was going to flirt and catch feelings with the guys. I knew that, going in, I have a flirty personality. And I knew that that’s what I was going to be branded as, because of how I am with men. I’m very up-front, very confrontational. If I fancy a guy, he’s definitely getting told. But in terms of Courtney Linsen and Lee Swift, I think it’s just because their vibe is just so contagious.

Everyone shared what they would do with the prize money, and you mentioned your dad’s charity work and buying your brother a car. Did you feel any hesitation about sharing that?

I wanted to show the world the other side of me. I used to work in a chip shop. I failed all of my school grades. I wasn’t brought up in a mansion, but I was brought up in a council estate. My dad suffered with addiction, and there’s so many things that happened in my life that tallied up to who I am now. When I’m asked, “What are you going to do with the money?” I have to just say, “You know what? I would help my family.”

You came in second place on the show. Would you have done anything differently, looking back?

To be honest, it kills me, because if I would have voted Trevor the way I wanted to the night before, I would have won [laughs]. Because Mitchell got sent home, because I tactically voted, I lost an ally. But I needed to follow my gut in terms of, If someone wins and it isn’t me, who would I want it to be? And it was Trevor.

Where was your head at with “Trevor” going into the finale? You two were really close, but “Trevor” was actually Deleesa.

I just envisioned Trevor walking through the door, a 6' hunk, and me just jumping, screaming, really happy and excited that it’s him. But obviously, that didn’t pan out how I wanted it to. I’m not an angry person. It was kind of laughable because I thought, What did I think was gonna happen? I’m in a bloody game that’s for catfishes.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

I actually love how that turned out. Men come and go, but I watched and thought maybe you’d made a female friend for life.

That is exactly what me and her have said. We speak quite a lot and she said to me, “I’m glad that it was me, because guys do come and go, and you’ve got me as a girlfriend forever.” So it worked out well, to be honest, because I can now call her whenever I have guy problems or I can call her about Mitchell and talk to her about Mitchell.

Wait, yes, I need to ask about Mitchell. Are you still chatting?

We speak all the time, and the conversations we have aren’t just normal conversations—they’re about the future, and we talk about me going to L.A. to see him. We shared a kiss just after the cameras were turned off at the finale. Because of the distance, it hasn’t got a label. But we get on really, really well and it is romantic. It’s not just a friendship, but we’ll see.

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