Chloe Fineman Nails Nicole Kidman impression in Spoof Of AMC Ad

“Saturday Night Live” returned for the show's 48th season with “Top Gun: Maverick” star Miles Teller as host and Kendrick Lamar as musical guest.

During the Oct. 1 premiere, “SNL” leveraged Chloe Fineman’s vast impressions skills to spoof one of the internet’s favorite commercials: Nicole Kidman’s ad for AMC Theatres.

The sketch closely followed the original commercial, beginning with Fineman (as Kidman) removing the hood of her jacket outside of the theater on a rainy night, reciting the script verbatim.

“We come to this place for magic," Fineman begins, before putting on her best Australian accent. “We come to AMC Theatres to laugh, to cry, to care because we need that, all of us.”

However, unlike the original, between each emotion were clips of Fineman expressing each one in an exaggerated fashion, including imitating Kidman’s chuckle and dabbing tears from her eyes.

Things continued to go off the rails when Fineman-as-Kidman is joined in an otherwise empty movie theater by Kenan Thompson as an innocent movie-goer. He sat down next to Fineman with a fountain soda and a bucket of popcorn as she recited the line “Not just entertained but somehow reborn, together.”

When she turned to Thompson on the word “together,” he appeared afraid before immediately standing up from his seat to leave.

Kenan Thompson played a moviegoer bemused by Fineman's monologue. (Saturday Night Live)

While Fineman continued speaking, several other cast members filled the seats around her, appearing awed by her monologue.

As Fineman said the much-memed line, “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this,” slowly but surely each movie-goer began to stand up in the theater.

They all started to salute the screen, including a hesitant and wide-eyed Thompson, before repeating the line back to the screen over and over. As they continued to chant and Fineman's monologue went on, things started to get... weird.

The theater began to shake, and the sound of loud wind rattled the room. Fineman let go of her Australian accent and replaced it with a deep, demonic voice and then, overcome by power, began to levitate above the audience.

Saturday Night Live

At the end of the sketch, she fell back into her seat, delivering the final line back in character before Thompson cursed, “What the f--- just happened?”

“SNL” kicked off the show with a cold open starring Teller and cast member Andrew Dismukes as Peyton and Eli Manning to address the elephant in the room: the departure of several key cast members.

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney all announced on the season 47 finale that they would be departing the show. Over the summer, more departures were shared, including Melissa Villaseñor, Alex Moffat, Aristotle Athari, and Chris Redd.

With the loss of many long-standing cast members ahead of the new season, “SNL” introduced four new additions to the cast during the premiere: Molly Kearney, Michael Longfellow, Marcello Hernandez and Devon Walker.

"SNL" returns next weekend on October 8 with actor Brendan Gleeson as host and Willow Smith as musical guest.


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