Chloe x Halle dish on ‘grown-ish’ and Grammys

Chloe x Halle say that although the new season of ‘grown-ish’ was shot more than a year ago, the themes are still relevant. The sisters also discuss their three Grammy nominations.

Video Transcript

ZOEY JOHNSON: I'm now styling not one, but two celebrity clients.

INDIGO: Any plans for your days off?

ZOEY JOHNSON: Just really hanging with my girls and possibly getting up with this guy.

INDIGO: Is it Ne-Yo?


HALLE BAILEY: Even though we are in the midst of this pandemic and everything going on, it is still so true to what people are experiencing. I mean, when you go to college, you discover who you are. You figure out what works and what doesn't. So I really think that it nails it on the head so well about what's going on today, even though it was shot the end of 2019.

ANA TORRES: Now I see why someone had to come for jalapeno poppers.

JAZZ FORSTER: Because it's close to our house and I'm hungry.

SKY FORSTER: Or maybe because it's close to Doug and you're thirsty.

CHLOE BAILEY: I'm just happy that "grown-ish" sheds a light on smart, young, Black kids finding their ways through to society, not being stereotyped, and just being completely who they are unapologetically. And I love how you see different versions of us.

HALLE BAILEY: I'm just so grateful to be nominated. You know, it is such a beautiful honor as a musician, as somebody who has listened to music ever since we came out of the womb, this is our dream. So in order to be-- just to be recognized for releasing our music and to just say-- get that pat on the back and say, hey, this is genius, this is amazing work, it's really an honor, so-- I mean, I don't care what happens at this point, I am just happy.

CHLOE BAILEY: I was still shocked when the nominations came out this year and I almost forgot, actually. But yes, I'm hoping and praying we take one home this time. I'm so competitive and I would love that. But, you know, if it's not this time, we're going to get up next time. So whatever God has in the plan for Halle and I, we're going to keep making great music together and just putting it out with love. So we're just grateful.