Chlorine spill at Concord water treatment plant contained

Josie Albertson-Grove, The New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester
·1 min read

Mar. 25—A gallon and a half of a chlorine solution spilled at a Concord wastewater treatment facility Thursday morning, but city officials say the spill has been contained.

Around 9 a.m. Thursday, a valve at the Hall Street Wastewater Treatment Facility broke, according to a city news release, spilling a chlorine solution that is about three times the concentration of household bleach. The solution is used to disinfect Concord's wastewater, before the water is discharged into the Merrimack River. The plant usually uses about 150 gallons every day.

About one and a half gallons of the chorine solution spilled when the valve broke Thursday morning. A protective barrier contained the spill immediately, according to a city news release.

A water treatment worker was splashed, but was wearing protective gear, the city said.

Concord is working with a specialized contractor and the state Department of Environmental Services to clear up the spill, and dispose of the solution properly.