Choctaw Nation celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Nov. 3—Several events are planned throughout the month of November by the Choctaw Nation to celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

Choctaw Nation Chief Gary Batton said tribal associates have worked hard to create ways to be engaged with events available to people who live inside or outside the tribe's southeastern Oklahoma reservation.

"Since 1990, November has been Native American Heritage Month," Batton said in a video announcing the events. "The month is a time to focus on what we have built as a nation and to learn about our history and practices so we can spread the Chahta Spirit of faith, family, and culture, all year long."

Batton said the events scheduled for November will have ways for everyone of all ages and interests to get involved.

"As always, the Choctaw Nation is inclusive, so we want everyone to get involved in the Native November activities this year," Batton said.

Activities kicked off Friday with a Choctaw Day celebration at the tribe's Cultural Center in Durant. Events continue throughout the weekend with an all day stickball tournament Saturday and one of the largest and most regarded powwows in North America being held at the tribe's event center in Durant.

More than 600 dancers and a dozen drum groups are expected to be in attendance for the event that runs through Sunday.

Choctaw heirloom seeds will fly to the International Space Station as part of a partnership with Boeing. NASA has a launch window from Nov. 5 to Nov. 6 with two attempts scheduled.

The seeds will be planted and studied upon return by Choctaw students as part of their STEM curriculum.

Live video presentations of several topics are scheduled throughout the month covering topics of tribal sovereignty, Native representation in media, Choctaw storytelling, and the Choctaw culture.

The tribe will also be releasing coloring sheets for children along with days to wear tribal regalia and moccasins.

A full detailed list of events can be found online at