Choctaw Nation releases 2023 Year in Review report

Feb. 13—The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma released its 2023 Year in Review that outlines the tribe's successes and goals.

Chief Gary Batton said in the report his tribe faced "some difficulties and have achieved great milestones as a tribe" in 2023.

"We endured whatever the past year held for us as a unified, strong, and resilient tribe," Batton said. "I could not be prouder of the efforts of our tribe, associates, and all who contributed to a successful year for the Choctaw Nation."

The report boasts a total tribal membership of more than 225,000, making it the third largest Native American tribe in the United States.

More than 7,600 students were assisted by the tribe's career development with a total award amount of $8,178,975 going to 7,643 students. A total of $12,575,904 went toward 12,000 students who were helped through the tribe's higher education program. Another 167 scholarships were awarded through the Chahta Foundation.

The report states 2,874 people were served weekly through the tribe's language classes with six apprentices placed through the Language Apprenticeship Program. The program places students in an immersive environment where they communicate only in the Choctaw language. Apprentices are recognized as fluent speakers after successful completion.

More than 1 million patients were treated through the Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority in 2023 with 1,636,521 total prescriptions filled. The tribe's 13 wellness centers saw 453,534 visits with behavioral health services encountering 30,305 patients.

The tribe's housing department built 90 LEAP homes, 8 elder independent elder units, and completed 2,667 repairs to homes. More than 560 storm shelters were installed with a total of 8,357 tribal households served by the program in 2023.

According to the tribe's report, 733 total safety positions have been filled with 76 cross-deputization agreements in place with state and local governments.

The report states a total of 733 public safety positions have been filled with a total of 76 cross-deputization agreements with outside agencies signed.

Through the tribe's Veteran Advocacy and Outreach program, 455 veterans were assisted with filing claims with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with 1,353 veterans receiving Chahta Veteran jackets.

More than 12,000 employees are employed by the southeastern Oklahoma tribe which was named one of Forbes' 2022 "Employer of Choice" with Choctaw Casino and Resorts named by Forbes as one of America's Best Employers for New Graduates.

Batton said it he is grateful to serve the Choctaw Nation and that the past year has seen as lot of expansion and stewardship that will guide the future of the tribe in 2024.

"Our continued focus on success, growth, sovereignty, and self-empowerment will make this nation stronger for generations to come," Batton said. "We have the strength to navigate anything that comes our way if we remain a sovereign, self-sustaining tribe."

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