Chong Xie’s Hyperarch Fascia Training: The Key to Unlocking Athletic Performance

As athletes, we all know that training is crucial to improve our performance. We lift weights, run sprints, and spend hours practicing our skills. But how many of us know about fascia training and its importance in athletic performance?

Chong Xie, the founder of Hyperarch Fascia Training, based in New York, believes that fascia training is the key to unlocking our full athletic potential.

Fascia is the connective tissue that envelops and interpenetrates our muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It was largely ignored by athletes and coaches as a target for training until the emerging field of fascia training started gaining popularity in recent years.

“Functionally, it is the tissue that makes us the form of what we are. Fascia is a container, and it’s the integrator,” explains Xie. “It is underdeveloped and under-trained.” He believes that fascia training is essential for athletes looking to improve their performance.

“Historically, when we look at human autonomy and also biomechanics, we basically ignore fascia altogether,” he says.

“What fascia does is it acts not only it can contract, but it facilitates effortless movement. The top athletes in the world today are fascial driven. Fascia training will enable you to recover better, train better and perform better.”

Coach Chong’s Hyperarch Fascia Training program is at the forefront of this movement, providing a unique approach that combines sports training with fascia-focused techniques.

Coach Chong’s program is unique in that it combines sports training with fascia training. The program starts with a fascia assessment to determine the client’s individual needs and goals. Then, Xie uses a range of proprietary techniques to connect the mind with fascia. The program also includes strength and power exercises that target the fascia for maximal results.

“Fascia training is a big umbrella, just like muscle training. But what we do is very unique, reverse engineered from the elite athletes’ feet and it helps with fascia development, recovery, and performance.”

“We work the fascia through the Mechanoreceptors from feet to hands, the natural way to develop fascia connection in your body. This work is reverse engineering elite athlete performance from their feet. We have identified a mechanism called the Hyperarch Mechanism, which helps the body to stabilize the foot and ankle. Hyperarch Fascia training is the key to minimizing injuries and maximizing performance.”

One of the unique aspects of Chong’s program is the measurement of fascia adhesions and body responses. Weekly data and metrics provide insight into how the body is responding to the training load.

“We combine exercise, breathing, awareness, visualization, meditation altogether, to have a holistic program where people can actually see fundamental changes in how they move and how they feel,” Xie says.

The program has helped countless athletes improve their performance in numerous ways. Chong Xie’s training is designed to increase connective tissue strength or fascia strength, which can help reduce the risk of injury.

“By strengthening the fascia connections, athletes can move more efficiently, allowing them to run faster, jump higher, and perform better on the field or court.”

This program has been endorsed by numerous high-performance athletes who have experienced significant improvements in their mobility, flexibility, strength, explosiveness, and stability. They have also reduced their risk of injury, making it a desirable addition to any athlete’s training regimen.

A two-time UFC Champion and winner of the 2022 MMA Female Fighter Award has been working with Xie’s program for several years and has gone on record stating, “Thanks to Coach Chong, I have gained more stamina by becoming more fascia driven.”

Professional footballers Pione have also benefited from the program, with one stating, “It’s really straightforward and accurate. We really don’t have to guess. Everybody has their own path, and I believe this is the future.”

Coach Chong notes that high-performance athletes are some of the most enthusiastic adopters of fascia training.

“Athletes who have been exposed to different types of training often find the fascia work refreshing and stimulating,” he says. “It provides a new challenge to their bodies and forces them to adapt in different ways.”

Essentially, athletes looking to improve their performance may want to consider incorporating Hyperarch fascia training into their workout routine.

And it’s not just for athletes.

Hyperarch Fascia training is perfect for anyone looking to make fundamental changes to their wellness and attain a higher level of physical fitness and health.

With the help of experienced coaches like Chong Xie and his Hyperarch Fascia Training program, anyone can unlock their full potential and achieve peak physical performance and health.

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