How to Choose the Best Smart Lock for my Home?

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Choosing the best smart lock can be hard nowadays. Having many options is great, but it also makes it harder to choose only one. So, without any further ado, here are some features that you should look for when buying a smart lock.

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1. Security

The whole point of a home lock is to make sure that your house is free from any potential intruders. So buying a smart lock that has as many security features as possible is a great idea.

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The main security features that you should look for in a smart lock are an alarm, a camera, and an auto-lock system. Most smart locks have cameras nowadays, but not all of them are going to record. You want to get a smart lock that has a motion sensor that will turn on the camera whenever it notices someone.

2. Accessibility

Again, most smart locks will allow you to unlock and lock your house remotely wherever you are with your phone. But what if you have come back from a long trip and have no juice left? Do you have to break into your own house then?

That is why a smart lock with a fingerprint sensor or even a face recognition feature is a great idea. The latter is not as safe as the former, but it is very convenient. A smart lock that will allow you to type in a password is great too, but you will always have to remember it. Nonetheless, it is great if you have frequent guests.

3. Battery Life

The battery life in a smart lock is a major concern. The battery life of a smart lock might be compromised if it has to be connected to Wi-Fi all the time, which is why most locks come with a smart hub as well. The hub makes sure that your smart lock only gets signals when needed.

Just like with your phone, having the Wi-Fi on 24/7 will drain your battery very quickly. While this might not be that important with a phone, it is crucial with a smart lock. Having at least one year of battery life should be the minimum for your smart lock.

4. Remote Features

One of the main points of having a smart lock is to have remote access, whether it be through an app or some way else. A smart lock that can alert you about motion in real time when you are at work or away can save your house from an intruder.

Being able to check the camera whenever you want and wherever you want is amazing and not possible with traditional home locks.

No matter which smart lock you choose, hiring a professional locksmith is always recommended. Fiddling with your lock can put you at risk. You might damage something and compromise your house's security. A locksmith will make sure that everything works correctly and that there are no possible failure points.

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