Man shot, killed inside food court at Philadelphia Mills Mall

A man was shot and killed Monday evening in the food court area at Philadelphia Mills Mall, police said.

Video Transcript

- Get back to the breaking news we're following here at 5 o'clock. This live look now from Chopper 6 as this investigation is underway at the Philadelphia Mills shopping area. People, of course, know this shopping center. It's very popular in the northeast. We are getting reports of at least one person being shot inside the Philadelphia Mills. That is part of the phone call that went in to Philadelphia police.

We're also learning that SWAT and also Homeland Security has been asked to make their way here in regards to responding to the incident that's happening here. A number of stores also on lockdown as a precaution. So a very busy scene here at the Philadelphia Mills. We are learning and being told at this point the initial reporting that at least one person has been shot inside of the Philadelphia Mills. We are waiting to get more information from Philadelphia police. Of course, we'll keep following this here at 5:00 and online.