Chopper's Politics Podcast: Despite the vaccine halo, the Prime Minister isn't inoculated from electoral defeat

Chopper's Politics Podcast
Chopper's Politics Podcast

Christopher Hope is joined by Telegraph colleagues Camilla Tominey and Tony Diver in this week's Chopper's Politics podcast to discuss what can be learned from three very different recent by-elections.

Our associate political editor, Camilla Tominey feels that going forward the same issue faces both the Tories and Labour: "They need to nail their colours to the mast. What kind of Labour party is Sir Keir Starmer going to lead, and equally now he's got Brexit done, what is Boris Johnson's ideological vision for Britain outside the EU, and how is going to take this country forward?"

"Yes Boris Johnson is still wearing the halo of the vaccination rollout, but that doesn't last forever, he isn't literally being inoculated from electoral defeat."

Political correspondent Tony Diver adds "I think as all the parties head towards the next election, they'd be quite mindful that all of those old cliches and tropes about where the parties have their support, look like they don't hold quite so strongly anymore".

Also on the podcast: Conversative Party co-Chair Amanda Milling on why she thinks the by-election wasn't a true Labour win, and ERG chairman Mark Francois doesn't mince his words over the so-called "sausage wars" around the Northern Ireland protocol, and reveals why the Northern Ireland Secretary isn't in his good books.

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