Chris Cuomo on former Overstock CEO's wild claims: ‘I've never heard anything like this’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo gave Patrick Byrne significant airtime on his show Cuomo Prime Time, Thursday night. Patrick Byrne made headlines earlier in the day when he resigned as CEO from Overstock, then revealed he was part of a bizarre “Deep State” plot involving Maria Butina.

Long before Butina pled guilty to conspiring against the U.S., Byrne claims he was ordered by the FBI to have a romantic relationship with her. He also told Cuomo, “It was always clear she's on her way or was on her way to be president of Russia,” adding “She's a super talented girl.”

Throughout the interview Cuomo appeared skeptical. He often repeated Byrne’s claims as if to make sure he was hearing correctly. At one point Cuomo said, “It sounds crazy.” He then put the interview in context saying, “It’s so unusual, I've never heard anything like this Patrick and I've been doing this a long time.”

As Cuomo wrapped the interview he informed Byrne that the scrutiny surrounding his recent revelations was only just beginning. “I'm not telling you to do a media tour but you know you're going to have to cooperate with authorities,” said Cuomo, “You know people will want to vet this information and you know you can trust that we'll do the job responsibly and I'll check back with you.”