Chris Gunter ‘the happiest man’ as he wins his 100th cap

Chris Gunter holds a press conference following his side’s victory over Mexico in an international friendly match at the Cardiff City Stadium. The game marked a historic night for the player as he won his 100th Cap.

Video Transcript

CHRIS GUNTER: I mean, it's a special night for me. And now, with a clean sheet and a victory, yeah, it's one that, you know, I can look back on now with a lot of pride. I thought personally, and-- well, everyone on the pitch, I thought as a team, we were really good tonight. And yeah, it's just the perfect evening for me.

Yeah, it's been a made 24 hours, really, and with all the messages I've had from so many people. Don't often look at social media, to be honest, but I was told it was going slightly mad, so I did, which was unbelievable. And the social media side, as well as, you know, friends, family, you know, players I've played with, staff I've worked with over the years, the amount of support I've had and nice messages, yes, it's been incredible, really.

And yeah, so the day leading into it, a long day today, the bus journey where I play my normal music, that's probably the toughest part, actually, the bus journey. My mind was racing and stuff. So yeah, once the football side started, it was OK, actually. But it won't sink in for a long time. But yeah, just so I don't think there's a happier man in the world right now.