Chris Hayes Turns Donald Trump’s Own Campaign Claims Against Him

Lee Moran

Chris Hayes on Thursday took Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign claims and lobbed them right back at the president, lamenting “the carnage and chaos we are living through now.”

The host of MSNBC’s “All In” pointed out that Trump had essentially campaigned on the idea that the United States was a “hellhole” and later promised to “stop the American carnage” during his 2017 inauguration address.

Hayes acknowledged that the United States had its fair share of problems before Trump became president. But Trump, he argued, has only made things worse, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is no plan from the president, who warned against American carnage, with the carnage and chaos we are living through now,” Hayes said.

“Not the pandemic. Not the economic crisis. Not the societal inequities. Not predatory policing. Not the protests in Minnesota,” he continued. “Nothing except to make it all worse, to sell chaos and discord and bigotry and hope the smaller part of the country that follows him is enough to win an election again.”

“This is what Donald Trump’s America has wrought,” he said. 

Check out Hayes’ monologue above.

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