Chris Hipkins Sworn in as New Zealand Prime Minister

Chris Hipkins was sworn in as prime minister by New Zealand’s governor general during a ceremony on January 25, in Wellington, after Jacinda Ardern announced last week that she would step down from the top job.

Ardern said in her announcement that she no longer had “enough in the tank” after steering the country through natural disasters, the Christchurch terror attack and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni – the first person of Pacific Islander descent to hold the role- was also sworn in by Governor-General Dame Cindy Kiro in a short ceremony on Wednesday morning.

According to local reports Hipkins was due to host his first cabinet meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Credit: Office of the Governor-General via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Your excellency, Mr. Hipkins, Ms. Sepuloni, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ceremony to appoint the Honorable Chris Pipkins as Prime Minister and the honorable Carmel Sepuloni as Deputy Prime Minister.

CINDY KIRO: Mr. Hipkins, you have assured me that you are able to lead a government that can command the confidence of the House of Representatives. I now ask you to confirm that you can lead such a government.

CHRIS HIPKINS: Yes, your excellency.

CINDY KIRO: In that case, I will proceed with your appointment as Prime Minister.

- Your excellency, the latest patent constituting the Office of Governor-General of New Zealand authorize and empower you to appoint ministers of the crown. I submit for your signature a warrant appointing the Honorable Chris Hipkins as Prime Minister.

CINDY KIRO: I'll give it to you. That gives effect to your appointment as Prime Minister. Congratulations, Prime Minister Hipkins.