Chris Krebs responds to election manipulation claims

Chris Krebs responds to election manipulation claims
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Chris Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, says there's no evidence voting machines were manipulated by foreign actors. Krebs' public statement calling the 2020 presidential election "the most secure in American history" led to his termination by President Trump.

In his first interview since his dismissal, Krebs was asked by 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley about his reaction to some of the claims of vote fraud that the president and his team have alleged.

"Votes tabulated in foreign countries," Pelley said, in an excerpt of the interview broadcast on the "CBS Evening News."

"So all the votes— all votes in the United States of America are counted in the United States of America," Krebs said. "I don't— I don't understand this claim. All votes in the United States of America are counted in the United States of America. Period."

"Voting machines corrupted by mysterious actors in Venezuela," Pelley said.

"So again, there's no evidence that any machine that I'm aware of has been manipulated by a foreign power. Period," Krebs said.

"Communist money from China and Cuba used to influence the election," Pelley said.

"Look, I think these— we can go on and on with all the farcical claims alleging interference in the 2020 election, but the proof is in the ballots," Krebs said. "The recounts are consistent with the initial count, and to me, that's further evidence, that's confirmation that the systems used in the 2020 election performed as expected, and the American people should have 100% confidence in their vote."

In another portion of the interview, Krebs said he was not "necessarily surprised" when President Trump fired him.

See the interview on 60 Minutes, Sunday night after football, on CBS.

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