Chris Meloni Has Perfect Response to Being Fan's Gay Sexual Awakening

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Chris Meloni in Oz shower scene.
Chris Meloni in Oz shower scene.

It's clear: Chris Meloni is a zaddy.

You know it, I know it, even he knows it. Watching the LGBTQ+ ally step into that recently, doing photoshoots and videos that quite unabashedly lean into that status has certainly been something to behold. We're avidly watching him do splits in leggings and showing us all of the workouts he does to build that famous derriere. He's no doubt serving as a sexual awakening for a ton of gay teens scrolling through Instagram these days, as he has for countless people over the years through roles on television. That goes all the way back to his Oz days.

For five years, Meloni played a bisexual imprisoned killer, Chris Keller, on Oz. The HBO jailhouse drama put audiences through the ringer, and had Meloni in all states of undress. As Keller, he flirted openly (and pretty obscenely) with other inmates in gifs that have gone around the internet and back again. And if you thought he was unaware of the impact he's had, he would like to disabuse you of that notion.

"Dude you caused my sexual awakening with Oz," one fan tweeted to him. "Well myself and an entire generation, thank you!"

Meloni responded to the tweet. "Doin what I can my man," he wrote. "Juss doin what I can."

All we have to say is keep it up.

Fans who are looking for all the latest camera shots of Meloni can catch it in his Law & Order: SVU spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime.

But this isn't the first time Meloni has acknowledged the thirs from male fans. Back in 2016, when a fan tweeted they finished Oz wasn't sure how to deal with the loss of Keller, Meloni advised they try a shower.

We'll keep the water warm for you!