Chris Paul on athletes' political activism: We ‘looked at it as being humans’

NBA point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chris Paul, talked to Yahoo Finance’s Dan Roberts about why it has been natural for athletes to become increasingly engaged in politics in 2020.

Video Transcript


CHRIS PAUL: I think all of us looked at it as being humans, right? Just just being good people. And for us, we wanted to speak on the things that we face day in and day out. When the game is over, we do not walk out of an arena and our uniforms, right? We don't.

We get dressed, we get in the car, I go home as a black man, right, with my family. And so the things that we face on a daily basis, just because we play in the NBA, doesn't make us that much different from our homies that's back home or the people that we grew up with. So the things that we speak on, the things that we talk about, are things that are daily reminders that, yes, playing basketball, football, soccer, whatever it is, our job, but it's not who we are.